SoNo Collaborating with GMS Rowing Center

To Those Interested in SoNo Rowing,

SoNo Rowing is entering into a collaboration with GMS Rowing Center of New Milford. This is a very positive occasion for SoNo Rowing. Over the years of owning and coaching SoNo Rowing, I have witnessed many turning points in the organization that have brought us to this point. What I have come to realize is that when the right people have come together at the right time, great things can happen, and this is one of those points in our history. The combined knowledge and opportunities that each club will provide to its members, both adult and junior, will certainly redefine high performance rowing in the area.

So let us go over logistics and various questions you may have. How does this affect your children in the short term? Who will they be rowing for? Who will coach them?

For the Spring season, all athletes training out of the South Norwalk location will be representing SoNo Rowing. We will maintain our oar design, unis, etc. This applies to all athletes that join the team over the next few weeks as well. Beginning this summer, GMS and SoNo will combine rosters to make a single team and the South Norwalk location will be called GMS at SoNo. I will continue my duties and responsibilities as coach, however, the training program will follow the training protocols developed by Guenter Beutter (Junior National Team Head Sculling Coach). Athletes will be coached by Guenter, myself, and an additional coach by the name of Mike O’Leary. Additional coaches will be added as numbers dictate. Any questions regarding the program will be directed towards me.

What will be different however is the weekends. Every Saturday, the top rowers will be invited up to GMS in New Milford to participate in scrimmages. The river in New Milford is better suited for this style of practice as it is miles long, consistently flat, and has little boat traffic. Athletes will be notified early in the week to make preparations for Saturday trips. Additionally, these weekend sessions may serve as a way for athletes from both programs to row in the same boats in preparation for the Summer season. Athletes not going to New Milford on Saturdays will stay in South Norwalk and participate in practice managed by me. Please note however, there will be certain weekends in which all athletes will go to New Milford.

This is an exciting new direction for SoNo Rowing and one that will greatly benefit the athletes currently rowing for the program. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at Please be patient as we unveil future programs including a revamping of our famous Summer Development program.


-Chris Wyant

Director of Rowing

SoNo Rowing

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