Junior Racing Team

High School athletes ages 13-18, coed, novice to experienced.

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The SoNo Rowing Junior Racing Team is focused on teaching high school athletes (and some 8th graders) the fundamentals of racing, supporting developmentally appropriate goals, and developing fully as both individuals and team members.  Each day we ask our rowers to work hard, play harder, and believe in themselves.

At the High School level we emphasize a strong foundation of rowing basics, upon which we build proficiency in sculling and sweep boats alike.  At SoNo Rowing, rowers benefit from personal attention to each athletes’ rowing stroke, bio-mechanical movements, goals, and personal development.  We understand the need for balance in our juniors’ lives between academics, social life, and athletics. Practices are designed to help with this balance as well as provide the time necessary to create competitive, strong rowers.

Our goal for the coaches is to develop each athlete, regardless of experience and current athleticism to win local, regional, national and international competitions.


  • The necessary rhythm to stroke a boat, navigational skills to bow a straight boat, balancing skills to race a 1X,  row port or starboard,  and to race at maximum power in both sculling and sweep boats.
  • About the boats, how to adjust, rig, and care for them.
  • The Rules of Rowing as they apply to racing.
  • How to row and race in calm and rough water
  • Openness to opportunities to race locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Land training- erging, running, biking, weights, and circuits.
  • Come to practice each day ready to challenge yourself and your teammates.
  • Respectful treatment of your teammates, coaches, the facility and equipment
  • How to develop enduring friendships through the shared experiences of training, racing, and building a team.

2013 School Year

Monday – Friday, 345PM to 6:15PM , Saturday 7-915AM
*Homework & meeting room available for rowers who wish to come earlier.


Medical Forms; Health Forms;  Passport; Float Test; Liability Waiver;  USRowing Membership



Athletes who begin after September, will incur additional regatta costs.
Athletes who do not complete the year will not be eligible for a refund


  • Training/Coaching expenses
  • Equipment Usage
  • Facility Usage

Not Included:

  • Travel Fees
  • Regatta Fees
  • Youth Nationals (approx $750-$1000)
  • Club Nationals (approx $1000)
  • Costs for regattas involving flights
  • Team Gear
  •  Food at Regattas

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