Middle School Program

For students in grades 6 to 8.


The emphasis will remain on fun and fitness but rowers will be introduced to the elements and types of racing.

On the water: Rowing, boat handling skills, balance skills, how to play safely with other small boats, traffic patterns, basic waterfront knowledge and safety, and terminology.
On Land: core exercises, stretching, coordination, endurance and a little erging.


1x’s, 2x’s and 4x’s

At SoNo we remain committed to the exclusive use of sculling boats through the Middle School years, as we believe the symmetrical aspect is healthier and safer for young, growing bodies.  In addition the skills and boat feel developed in smaller sculling boats will yield huge pay offs in racing larger sweep boats in later years.


All Middle School athletes will have the opportunity to race in inter and intra club scrimmages through out the year.  It is important to remember that racing in the Middle School years should first and foremost be fun.  You will race short distances, creative obstacle courses, and relays.  You will race forward, backward, pivot and in warmer months be asked to flip, get back in the boat and continue.  Our goal will be for you to come off the water claiming that was the most fun you’d had in a long time.  In  the meantime you will have developed a cadre of boat handling and mental skills that will be of enormous value should you go on to join our Junior Racing Team.

More serious racing options will depend on your desire to race, your commitment to do the necessary work, and how quickly your skill and physiology develop. Athlete assessment will be individual. Some 8th grade athletes may be invited to join our Junior Racing Team for select races throughout the season.  If this is your goal please share these thoughts with us.


Completion of a Introduction to Rowing private session or a week of Summer Camp.

Also required are a Registration form, Float Test, and Liability Waiver.


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